Moving – price list

We move in Prague, the Czech Republic and the EU

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We offer FREE consultation of the total price of moving, directly on-site.
Free visit of a technician or consultation by phone or by email.

Our moving trucks can carry between 16m3 and 26m3 of cargo – suitable for 1+1 up to 3+1 apartments

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* For moving larger apartments and offices (truck with a capacity of 42m3)

Each extra employee CZK 200 / hour
Moving of items in a building CZK 250 / hour and employee

Larger projects should be consulted based on an inspection by our technician!

Moving of heavy loads:

Moving of machines and larger equipment is a highly specific job, and so each project is calculated individually based on a free inspection of the place of transportation of the moved item(s).

Moving – Disposal – Delivery to a Landfill:

For the disposal of unwanted furniture and other equipment in your apartments, offices and companies, we offer delivery to a contracted landfill. The prices are calculated on an individual basis, depending on the amount of disposed furniture.

Outside of our operating city, we charge an extra fee of CZK 14-16 for each kilometer depending on the size of the vehicle
* for the 42 m
3 truck, the price is CZK 22 / kilometer